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OTF Knives

If you have seen the term OTF knife, you may be wondering exactly what type of knife that is and so if you are, here is a little about an OTF knife and what it is. OTF stands for out the front and refers to the fact that the OFT knife is a pocket knife but a pocket knife which ejects the blade forward out of the handle. With these knives the blade is ejected out parallel to the handle as opposed to a flick knife which ejects the blade out sideways. Other than the manner in which the blade becomes available for use, an OTF knife is very similar to any other standard pocket knife and so can also be categorized as a type of pocket knife. A pocket knife is a term which is used for any knife whose blade is protected by its handle when not in use. As well as protecting the blade from damage whilst not in use, the handle also protects the carrier from getting injured by the blade when it is not in use and so it is considered to be a safe knife to carry in almost any situation or in any environment.

Most pocket knives are about the same size, roughly with a 4 inch blade but those blades are often very sharp. A pocket is intended and designed to be carried by someone almost all the time whether at work or on the streets and so is a general purpose knife with no specific features such as a serrated edge to the blade. Most people that carry a pocket knife have found that they have been of use regularly during their everyday activities and so they are becoming increasingly popular to have and to carry. Obviously if you suspect there may be occasions when you require having the blade available very rapidly, you may opt for an OTF knife as opposed to one of the many other types. Another set of initials regarding knives has more recently appeared and that is the initials EDC as in an EDC knife. In this instance the ED stands for Every Day Carry and although that term could perhaps be applied to any type of pocket knife, what it means in this instance is a knife which is more rugged and durable, capable of being used on a regular basis as opposed to being used occasionally like most pocket knives are.

If you believe that you will have occasion to use your pocket knife each and every day, it may perhaps be advisable to buy a pocket knife that claims to be an EDC knife, as it is likely to withstand constant use better than most other pocket knives. Although any pocket knife is ideal for any given situation, it is of use in most and so being easy and safe to carry makes it desirable and besides, if you know you have a specific need for a knife, you could always carry one at that time, designed for that specific purpose.