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The Difference Between Money And Gold

Although having an amount of either could make you wealthy, there are differences between paper money and gold and some of those differences are that gold cannot be counterfeited or printed, ensuring that not too much is produced, lowering the value of what you may have. Its value cannot be artificially inflated by any one government as it is an internationally recognized commodity. It is perhaps unique in so far as it is beautiful, rare and cannot be destroyed and fortunately, it is very valuable. Obviously then, it would seem because of these differences, that gold would be the better of the two to have as wealth and certainly would be a good thing to have as security for a financially worry free retirement. Unfortunately though many people do not know how they can purchase gold but top Karatbars International an e-commerce company can advise them. In fact, this is a company that operates in 120 countries and not only can it show you how to buy gold but, it can also show you how to get others to buy gold for which you will receive an added income yourself.

One of the best reasons for having at least some of your savings in gold is that as gold is priced in US Dollars, as the price of the dollar declines, the value of old goes up. This means that if you have savings in both US Dollars and gold; both will never reduce in price at the same time yet, both could increase in value at any time. Unlike money, gold is not subject to the very volatile stock market which can and has, like in 2010, left many retirees with far less financial security than they had expected, due to the financial crisis at that time.

Of course gold, as with other precious metals, can fluctuate in value sometimes even decreasing in value but historically, gold has always continued to increase in value, all be it perhaps not as fast as some stocks could but there again, those same stocks could crash the next day which the value of gold will not.

Often people may think that the saving of gold is something that is limited to the rich but that is not the case as, gold can be bought and traded in amounts as little as 1 gram which is affordable for most people. Gold has always been a thing of value and still remains so today. This means that gold as an investment for your later retirement; is an unrivalled asset which will not lose value regardless of how a country’s financial situation may depreciate. As this has been the situation for many years, it is very unlikely that it will change at any time in the near future almost certainly at least not until after you have retired. Once you do retire though, you will see that transferring that gold back to paper money is just as easy as it was to buy the gold in the first place, at a profit of course.